One Proud Customers Unsolicited testimony---we didn't ask ---just like we don't raise our bet we have to hustle to make up the differece but we won't pass inflation on!

David Setzer- a great customer says:

So I just wanted to give you a shout out on your Widflower Honey… I am truly enjoying its highlight of my coffee and how it helps my gut… since making so many changes in my diet I have gone from 235 pounds down to 194… I know the honey replacing white sugar is key… And as a side note y’all’s honey flows better than any other I have tried..

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There is one truth about our honey.  It is not processed at all, it is pure 100% Raw honey.  This means it gives your body back all the nutrients that processing has taken out.  One tablespoon of honey a day will replace all the nutrients that processing has taken out.

Healthy Happy Honey Bees = Healthy Happy Honey

Our Mission is simple, keep Bees, and our customers, happy!

You've never seen a company work harder to preserve the integrity of the Queen bee, and the customer who eats their incredibly sweey honey.  We have other offerings in our store, but our mission is, honey!


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